Don North
Don North

Vietnam Revisited

by Don North

Wars are fought twice — once on the battlefield and again in our memory.

The Vietnam War was a battle of memory, history and truth — and the stakes are still high. Honest reporting can shape our destinies, both at war and at peace.

I belong to a group in the dwindling ranks of journalists who covered the Vietnam War. We call ourselves the “Vietnam Old Hacks.” We recently attended celebrations in Ho Chi Minh City marking the anniversary of the war’s end on April 30, 1975. After 40 years, I found there are many in Vietnam, as well as our fellow Americans, who are unwilling to accept an honest history of the war.

President Richard Nixon said in 1985: “No event in history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam War. It was misreported then and is misunderstood now.” The quote was a slur on the thousands of journalists who tried to honestly cover the war.

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