MRE_150Dear members,

MRE is looking for a few good men and women—to speak.

We have been talking with the Defense Information School at Fort Meade, Md., about how our organization and the military’s school for its uniformed and civilian public affairs officers could become better acquainted.Army Col. Martin Downie, commandant, and Mary O’Shea, provost, suggested discussions with MRE members and DIFNOS students—most likely officers in courses other than basic and senior enlisted—on how we as journalists do business.

And yes, we know a number of you have spoken as individuals at the school in times past.

The idea here is to send two to four members to the school for wide-ranging discussions in specific areas on how we do business and what we expect from them.  We want to keep this dialogue going so we aren’t constantly re-inventing the wheel or discovering fire.

The school would provide MRE specific dates for these engagements and we will then reach out to journalists who are interested to see if they are available.

Here are the professional areas we would like to identify to focus the discussions:

  • Broadcast – Radio and television (We are including podcast and internet here) as reporter, field producer, director, assignment editor.
  • Social media – Producer, designer, content manager.
  • Print – Bureau chief, editor (making assignments or directing newsroom coverage), reporter – includes newsletters, newspapers, wire services, magazines.
  • Photography – Still and digital.

If you can think of other areas, please let us know and we will add them. Also, if you are interested in participating, please email MRE president Amy McCullough ( and board member John Grady ( your name, email, and area of expertise.

The school also has invited us to attend its first Social Media workshop March 28-29 at Fort Meade.