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  • MRE Members-Only Networking. Regular opportunities to make contacts and share ideas with national security journalists, senior U.S. government officials and top public affairs professionals from the public and private sectors.
  • Discounted Annual MRE Conference. Attend this yearly news-making event at a discounted rate. Active MRE members pay half the regular enrollment fee. This is an unmatched opportunity for direct exchanges with senior uniformed and civilian officials as well as top public affairs officers.
  • Discounted Annual Military 101 Conference. Learn the basics about the Defense Department and the defense oversight process in Congress. The agenda is aimed at not only neophyte reporters or public affairs officers but also anyone else in need of a brush up.
  • Social Media Megaphone. MRE members’ work is amplified on the Internet–on our website and on our Twitter and Facebook pages.
  • Private MRE Facebook Page with Job Bank, More. For MRE members only, this is a forum for exchanging ideas and tapping into early word on job opportunities.
  • MRE Members-Only Desk at Pentagon. All MRE members with a DOD press pass may use the desk and phone at our exclusive desk in the DoD press area.
  • Opportunities to Address DoD Forums. The Defense Information School and other groups regularly host MRE speakers to address classrooms or conferences and invite our members to social events.
  • Fight for Press Freedom. Be part of something larger than yourself: an organization that stands up for reporters’ access and press freedom in the Defense Department and beyond.

In order to make membership and conference attendance accessible to more reporters and others involved in military-media relations, the MRE board has revised its dues and fees. Here are the new membership categories and related financial changes:

Active Member: For news-gathering employees of private-sector media organizations: $49 for annual dues; $49 to attend the annual conference.

Associate Member: For corporate public affairs officers, diplomats, think-thank staff members, academics and other non-reporters approved for membership by the president and board. $99 for annual dues; $49 to attend the annual conference.

DoD Associate Member: For uniformed and civilian Defense Department employees who perform public affairs and other capacities: $49 annual dues/Pay only for lunch at annual conference.

Non-Resident Member: For qualified applicants living 50 miles or more outside Washington, D. C. who are not as able to attend as many events in-person as D.C.-based members but who want access to MRE’s private online community. $25 for annual dues; $49 to attend the annual conference.

Student: $19 for annual dues/Pay only for lunch at conference.

Note: The annual conference attendance fee for non-MRE members will be $99.

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